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There are plenty of ways to get connected and meet more people at Hutt City Church. Hutt City Church is a community of people from all walks of life. We’d love to help you get better connected into our whānau and feel at home, as you explore and grow in your connection with God.

Connect Groups

Real life is about community with real people

Our Connect Groups are at the heart of our community. They’re a network of good friends enjoying life with one another and growing deeper in our relationships with God.

Our Connect Groups come in all shapes and sizes, from shared interests or hobbies, to bible studies or topical discussions. Some groups meet for short periods to cover a specific topic, where others are more open ended, but all Connect Groups meet regularly to equip and empower each other to grow in relationship with Jesus and others.

There’s a Connect Group for everyone! Darryn will answer all your questions and slot you in. You’re welcome to try out any of our life groups before you find one that suits you best.

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Hutt City Church Kids

At Hutt City Church, you’ll find a great place for your children. We have a range of age-appropriate, fun and interactive programmes available, where kids make memories and foster a relationship with God in a safe environment.

Hutt City Church caters for children aged 0 to 15. You can register your child as soon as you arrive, and will be contacted if you are needed throughout the service. Maxine can steer you in the right direction, or find the kids zone through the main entrance and to your right.

Maxine Brinck


180 Youth

Equipping and empowering young people to become the best that they can be in all spheres of life.

180 Youth meet every Friday night at 7pm for fun, fellowship, food and a time where we gather together as a youth community to worship, discuss and seek God together.

We have programmes designed for ages from intermediate right through to college, University students and young adults. Throughout the year there’s always plenty of events, conferences and other activities and community projects to get involved in. Michael will answer any questions you have and will help you get connected here.

Michael & Esther Broadley


Women’s Ministry

Cultivating friendship, fun and spiritual growth and caring for our community.

From organising events, to supporting our community at Lower Hutt Winter Foodbank Drive and baby showers for new mums, our women’s ministry is all about empowering women of all generations to be authentic followers of Jesus. Maxine will get you connected in, whether you’re wanting to be involved for a weekend or on going.

Maxine Brinck


Men's Ministry

Connecting men with God, His church and the community.

Men Connect is a great way to get to know other men in Hutt City Church while supporting the community. There’s always something coming up at Men Connect, with a full calendar including the annual Men’s Camp, Men2Action, Cafe Connect, MealCare and more. Aaron will let you know what’s coming up and help you get connected in.


Caring through connections.

We have a group of dedicated people to look after each member of our church family.  Whether it's connecting individuals with the right support or passing on needs to the appropriate person, we're committed to sharing the load and extending the reach of pastoral care to all.

If you have a need, let us know. We may be able to help!

Andrea Rounthwaite


Mainly Music

Music, movement, rhymes and actions for you and your pre-schooler.

Mainly Music is a wonderful way to get to know others parents and enjoy an interactive time with your child, followed by a relaxing cuppa and morning tea while your child plays.

Mainly Music is held every Wednesday during the school term, in the auditorium here at Hutt City Church. The cost is $4 per family, per session. We look forward to meeting you and having you share your morning with us! Maxine would love to answer any of your questions and welcome your family.

Maxine Brinck

Join the team

Join us in empowering generations to be authentic followers of Jesus

We would love to have you as part of the Hutt City Church team! There are lots of different opportunities to serve and make a real difference in our community, both on Sundays and throughout the week. Everything from the kids team, café team, baristas, production team, welcome team and worship; there’s something for every passion, skill base and gifting.

We’d love to help you discover, develop and use the gifts and skills God has given you. We will help find a place for you, or create a space for you.

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Hutt City Church is a vibrant Pentecostal, Assemblies of God church in Lower Hutt, Wellington. We’re a diverse community of real people, all about empowering generations to be authentic followers of Jesus.

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